We offer a variety of Lean Six Sigma certifications.

White Belt (free)

Foundational concepts.

Yellow Belt

Basic skills.

Green Belt

Intermediate skills.

Black Belt

Advanced skills.


Our courses are designed to be both practical and interesting. We include:

Real-life examples.

Downloadable templates.

Lots of practice questions.

Videos that aren't boring.


Do the certifications require previous work experience?

No.  From our perspective, training should proceed work experience.  It allows you to provide immediate value in a process improvement role.

For how long are the certifications valid?

At this time, our Lean Six Sigma certifications are lifetime certifications.  They do not need to be renewed to stay current.

How many questions are on the certification exams?

The White Belt exam is 25 Questions.  Yellow Belt is 50 Questions.  Green Belt is 75 Questions.  Black Belt is 100 questions.


To inquire about training and certification options, please use the form below.